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Being blogged elsewhere!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Camargue herd scarf
Well it’s very flattering to be the subject of someone else ‘s blog!Desarts

Thank you Julien!
I realise though that because I do several different types of photography there’s a risk of confusion.
I love to photograph people and am not as diligent about updating my website as I should be
I also love photographing horses and am a bit more current on

However my current passion is the Limited Edition Fine Art Prints and beautiful luxury silk scarves that I make from my equine images. These can best be seen on

The scarves are a subset of the Limited Edition prints and are available to buy online at


Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

I’ve been working on developing a portfolio of newborn twin pictures. It’s a huge amount of fun and can be very challenging, depending on how old and how sleepy the twins are. So far I have had five lovely families volunteer their babies for a free photoshoot. Here are some of the images that resulted from the sessions we had. Sometimes it’s worth spending time on an individual baby if one is fretful and finding it hard to settle.
Luckily I am very patient with other people’s children and can usually get both twins settled, given enough time. But this is not a task to be hurried!

I hope you like them, the parents certainly did and all said they had enjoyed the experience.
So as I am still looking for volunteer twin babies under 5 weeks old please tell your friends, offer up your family and help me out to reach a new goal in my photographic journey.
Newborn twin feet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMother and newborn twinsnewborn twin girls in tutusMother and newborn twin boys
Newborn twin boys in a basket
newborn twin boys

Another goal met

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

For some time I have been keen to achieve more recognition as a photographer, especially by the professional bodies. The Royal Photographic Society awarded me licentiate (LRPS) quite some time ago for my family portraits. I was therefore keen to add the Society of wedding and portrait photography to my list and earlier this year was awarded Licentiate (LSWPP) for my newborn portraits. Here is the set of images I submitted.

A very big thank you is due to the parents and babies who helped me to achieve this. You know who you are!
Thank you also to Damian McGillicuddy, Karen Wiltshire and Jocelyn Conway for huge support and generous sharing of knowledge and opportunities via the Baby Whisperer course. It’s more than worth while, it was essential for me.

I definitely have some favourites and these will probably have appeared on Facebook individually already. I hope you like them too!

newborn baby 15

newborn baby girl in pink tutunewborn baby girl in a nest with roses
newborn baby boy with pomegranatenewborn baby girl with pink bauble hat
newborn baby boy in wheelbarrow
newborn baby with applesNewborn baby boy in tasseled hatnewborn baby in multicoloured hat
newborn baby in grey mohair hatnewborn baby in basket with red wrapnewborn baby perched on hat box

The panel has to be selected to look good as a whole, so there are some pale ones, some dark ones, some square ones and some landscape ones, in fact 5 of each making a set of 20 images. Being ultra critical I was hoping for some constructive feedback, but in reality the judges probably have too much to do to offer that, so perhaps I was unrealistic. Nevertheless I was pleased to be granted their accreditation. In these days when everyone thinks they are a photographer because of the ubiquity of mobile phone cameras it is vital to find something to say as a professional I am different from that. I also sometimes use my iPhone for pictures, but just to take notes as the results are truly awful!

At the moment I am working on a collection of newborn twin portraits, so if you know anyone who is expecting twins please put them in touch with me for a free photoshoot of twins up to 5 weeks old. They also get some free digital images as a thank you for participating in my project.

Award winning

Friday, April 15th, 2016

It is with considerable difficulty that I write about myself. As a child I was always told, “Don’t boast” and “It’s rude to talk about yourself”
Well in business that certainly doesn’t work, so overcoming my inhibitions I am announcing that I have been awarded an honour by Aspire Magazine.
They have chosen me as their “Aspire Inspirational photographer of the year 2016”
Aspire Magazine article
Sounds brilliant!
It seems they like my pictures, both babies and horses – a funny mix I know.
Examples of the babies can be seen in issue and at
Newborn baby boy in tasseled hatNewborn baby in Baker boy hat

None of these pictures could have been created without the fantastic teamwork of parents and baby all cooperating with one aim, to get memorable images of this special moment.
Thank you to all of the parent participants in my portfolio exercise.
You know who you are!

Examples of the horses can be seen in issue and at
Camargue stallion trotting up the beach

Also my new website features Fine Art prints of the horses
Check it out at This website

Another gorgeous baby

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Newborn babies are such a favourite of mine.
I love their little squidgy limbs and the smiles that come so transiently when they dream
It sometimes happens that newborn babies have a growth spurt day when they can’t be interrupted in the important business of feeding. This seems to take place around 10 days old, so my preference is to get in early at around 7 days when babies are still sleepy and less likely to have a day when they aren’t available for a photo shoot.

I will always be critical of my results if the baby has not been free to pose for long and if I don’t feel there are sufficient good images I’ll arrange a repeat visit. It’s a rare event, but it’s generally well worthwhile

Although her first shoot was limited this little girl did better on my second visit and the parents were delighted with their selected outputs.

Baby with toy giraffe
Bay in a bucket with 30s headband
They also chose this set of three in a frame black and white images that work so well together.
3 in a framew

newborn baby hairstyles

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

There’s something impressive about a mop of hair in a newborn baby

This young man was a superstar in the hair growth department and also a wonderful subject to photograph

As you can see he was totally relaxed and comfortable in my recycling bucket

Owen Turner-19finalw

Owen Turner-28finalw

Owen Turner-43adfinalcropmonow

His parents commented “We were delighted with the pictures which made it very hard to choose despite appearing decisive! We thoroughly enjoyed the shoot as well and had complete confidence in your handling our little Owen.
Thank you again for such professionalism, quick turnaround and great overall experience”

Baby days!

Friday, August 15th, 2014

It’s always sweet when there’s an accompanying toddler sibling for a newborn baby shoot. This little budding teenager rather took over the show!

Check her out with the shades and the Tutu

Daisy-190ed finalw


She’s obviously also a budding photographer!

budding photographerw

A chance to talk!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Today was a really enjoyable day as I was invited to go on Brooklands Radio to talk about my photography. I had 15 minutes chat with the two presenters of the programme “Just Women”, Jackie Mitchell and Alison Florence and a chance to meet two other participants, Victoria Jones from Barlow Robbins solicitors and Holly Worton a social media marketing expert who is starting up the Surrey group for Winning Women.
I was invited to talk about photographing newborn babies like this one. Isn’t she a perfect cherub!

Millie  (115)w

A key point in our discussion was the need to be sure when selecting a newborn photographer that they are suitably qualified and expert. The organisation formerly called British association of Newborn Photographers (BANP) is now called BANPAS, Baby and Newborn Photography Association. If you are seeking a newborn photographer their website will point you towards someone in your area who can be trusted with your new baby. Go to the website to check them out

Look for this sign on your photographers website to check if they are a member

Baby smiles

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Tradition says that when a newborn baby is smiling it is due to wind!
Do you think that’s true?
I think they are dreaming, but what can they be dreaming about? Milk and Mummy is my thinking as they have no other experience at this early age.

Smiler 1

smiling baby girl on scales sm

Smiling newborn boy

Sweet babies

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

I’ve recently been photographing newborn babies and it is such a fantastic pleasure
Here are some examples
They vary from large to average and then to absolutely tiny – only 3lbs 10 oz at 4 weeks old!
I absolutely love doing this and I get lots of baby cuddles
Holly Cavlan-88ad
Babies seem to love the antique well bucket as long as they are very sleepy
Holly Cavlan-128compad
This position requires teamwork – don’t try it at home!
Mia Wise-74
This is the tiniest baby I’ve ever photographed. She was less than 4 lbs but had loads of personality and determination!