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Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Camargue herd scarf
Well it’s very flattering to be the subject of someone else ‘s blog!Desarts

Thank you Julien!
I realise though that because I do several different types of photography there’s a risk of confusion.
I love to photograph people and am not as diligent about updating my website as I should be
I also love photographing horses and am a bit more current on

However my current passion is the Limited Edition Fine Art Prints and beautiful luxury silk scarves that I make from my equine images. These can best be seen on

The scarves are a subset of the Limited Edition prints and are available to buy online at

Award winning

Friday, April 15th, 2016

It is with considerable difficulty that I write about myself. As a child I was always told, “Don’t boast” and “It’s rude to talk about yourself”
Well in business that certainly doesn’t work, so overcoming my inhibitions I am announcing that I have been awarded an honour by Aspire Magazine.
They have chosen me as their “Aspire Inspirational photographer of the year 2016”
Aspire Magazine article
Sounds brilliant!
It seems they like my pictures, both babies and horses – a funny mix I know.
Examples of the babies can be seen in issue and at
Newborn baby boy in tasseled hatNewborn baby in Baker boy hat

None of these pictures could have been created without the fantastic teamwork of parents and baby all cooperating with one aim, to get memorable images of this special moment.
Thank you to all of the parent participants in my portfolio exercise.
You know who you are!

Examples of the horses can be seen in issue and at
Camargue stallion trotting up the beach

Also my new website features Fine Art prints of the horses
Check it out at This website

Mill Lawn again

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Once more on Mill Lawn in the New Forest near Burley – this time with Emily a young but very accomplished horsewoman.
Her horse Otto has a travelling buddy Smudge who kept Otto interested while the shoot was going on.

Emily led them both along beside the Brook

Emily with Otto and Smudge

Then the focus was on Otto while Smudge watched from a distance and kept an intermittent commentary on proceedings
Emily and Otto1

Emily and Otto2

EMily an d Otto at the bridge1

Emily and Otto3

Emily and Otto 4

Emily and otto 5

Emily and Otto 6

EMily and Otto 7

Emily and Otto 8

More New Forest outings

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

A recent visit to the New Forest included a very enjoyable photo shoot with Louisa on Mill Lawn
Louisa arrived on horse back and what an interesting horse she has!
Megan, the horse – an unusual name I think, is much older than she looks and has amazing eyes.
They really look huge don’t they. I really like Megan’s expression in the first photo, it makes me wonder what she is thinking.

Louisa and Mega 7w
Both Megan and Louisa enjoyed the Brook
louisa and Megan 6w

louisa and Megan 9w

Louisa and Megan1w

Louisa and Megan2w

Louisa and Megan4w

Louisa and Megan5cropw

Louisa and Megan8w

New Forest outings

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

A lovely day in the Ornamental Drive New Forest with Mitch and her horse Zara made for a fantastic photo shoot
Zara is a lovely well behaved horse and Mitch looks gorgeous in a couple of different outfits

Here are a couple of images from the day

Mitch and Zaraw (1)


Mitch and Zara3w

Zara and Mitchadmonow