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January 24th, 2011 by katielloyd

So in response to my last post on the subject of spam I got 86 spam messages, most of them offering to sell ‘prescription only’ drugs on line, and an odd jumble of medicines they were.
Baldness, acne, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, severe pain, insomnia and gastric ulcers all should be a thing of the past if I had taken up these offers.
Lucky me I don’t have any of these problems but I really do worry about people using prescription medicines with the potential for serious side effects without medical supervision and apparently as ‘recreational drugs’.

Don’t people realise that taking such things when not indicated and not under medical supervision can be very risky?
Do they realise that the alleged medicines may be total fakes with nothing active in and possibly poisonous?
Pills sold on the web, and made of paint and rat poison are not unknown.

I don’t so much mind the car insurance spam, or the life insurance spam, but the rest are a real worry.

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