Spam – a pink unwholesome luncheon meat.

January 17th, 2011 by katielloyd

I am fascinated by spam.
It used to mean pink unwholesome-looking, plastic-tasting luncheon meat. The up to date diet of spam is adverts for mind altering drugs, so-called ‘lifestyle drugs’ like Viagra, Cialis, and weight loss products, various highly regulated pain killers and tranquillisers, baldness treatments and car insurance. What a strange mixture that is.
Then there’s ‘add traffic to your website’, health insurance and tanning.

Of course there are also phishing expeditions with emergency messages from banks, where I don’t have accounts threatening to have these blocked if I don’t provide all the details via an on line form – I don’t think so!

Then there is the HMRC fake email indicating that after 7 years of checking I am owed £159.00 in overpaid VAT for which I have to log into their special webiste.

I’m not even counting the wonderfully entertaining scams where you’ve won millions, been left it in some unknown relative’s accounts or simply get it by paying a few hunderd pounds to someone whose style of writing gives away the scam from the email title alone – “Beloved” is always a giveaway word isn’t it!

What a strange society we have become. I wonder what the new trend for 2011 will be.

I really look forward to checking my email responses to this, and the new crop of fascinating glimpses into our odd and changing world.

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