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October 11th, 2016 by katielloyd

For some time I have been keen to achieve more recognition as a photographer, especially by the professional bodies. The Royal Photographic Society awarded me licentiate (LRPS) quite some time ago for my family portraits. I was therefore keen to add the Society of wedding and portrait photography to my list and earlier this year was awarded Licentiate (LSWPP) for my newborn portraits. Here is the set of images I submitted.

A very big thank you is due to the parents and babies who helped me to achieve this. You know who you are!
Thank you also to Damian McGillicuddy, Karen Wiltshire and Jocelyn Conway for huge support and generous sharing of knowledge and opportunities via the Baby Whisperer course. It’s more than worth while, it was essential for me.

I definitely have some favourites and these will probably have appeared on Facebook individually already. I hope you like them too!

newborn baby 15

newborn baby girl in pink tutunewborn baby girl in a nest with roses
newborn baby boy with pomegranatenewborn baby girl with pink bauble hat
newborn baby boy in wheelbarrow
newborn baby with applesNewborn baby boy in tasseled hatnewborn baby in multicoloured hat
newborn baby in grey mohair hatnewborn baby in basket with red wrapnewborn baby perched on hat box

The panel has to be selected to look good as a whole, so there are some pale ones, some dark ones, some square ones and some landscape ones, in fact 5 of each making a set of 20 images. Being ultra critical I was hoping for some constructive feedback, but in reality the judges probably have too much to do to offer that, so perhaps I was unrealistic. Nevertheless I was pleased to be granted their accreditation. In these days when everyone thinks they are a photographer because of the ubiquity of mobile phone cameras it is vital to find something to say as a professional I am different from that. I also sometimes use my iPhone for pictures, but just to take notes as the results are truly awful!

At the moment I am working on a collection of newborn twin portraits, so if you know anyone who is expecting twins please put them in touch with me for a free photoshoot of twins up to 5 weeks old. They also get some free digital images as a thank you for participating in my project.

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