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August 19th, 2014 by katielloyd

Newborn babies are such a favourite of mine.
I love their little squidgy limbs and the smiles that come so transiently when they dream
It sometimes happens that newborn babies have a growth spurt day when they can’t be interrupted in the important business of feeding. This seems to take place around 10 days old, so my preference is to get in early at around 7 days when babies are still sleepy and less likely to have a day when they aren’t available for a photo shoot.

I will always be critical of my results if the baby has not been free to pose for long and if I don’t feel there are sufficient good images I’ll arrange a repeat visit. It’s a rare event, but it’s generally well worthwhile

Although her first shoot was limited this little girl did better on my second visit and the parents were delighted with their selected outputs.

Baby with toy giraffe
Bay in a bucket with 30s headband
They also chose this set of three in a frame black and white images that work so well together.
3 in a framew

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