Baby, Baby, Baby Oh!

February 14th, 2012 by katielloyd

‘Tugging at the heart strings’ is such an evocative phrase.
This week one of my most pleasurable shoots was a 12 day old baby – he really stirred the emotions I always feel with very new babies.
Parents may have a set of huge expectations for their child, but to me, each baby is an amazing achievement which we take all too much for granted.
See this little man and wonder what his life will be like!

This family is South African so an expectation that he will know about and come into contact with elephants is not far fetched. Maybe they will even be his favourite animal! The hat he’s wearing and the creature behind him in the picture may influence that as no doubt there will be lots of bedtime stories about elephants as he grows up.

He also looks cute in his Springboks hat and nothing else!

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