Children of all ages – now I am one

September 13th, 2011 by katielloyd

I loved the A.A. Milne Poem “Now we are six” when I was young, and then used to read it to my own boys.

Now I’m reading it to my Grandchildren it feels like a wonderful common thread through our lives and family life.

I’m working on a new website with the lovely people from Flourish Studios in Guildford and I wanted to use the poem as part of the structure for my Family Photography section. Flourish agreed it would be lovely, but as the poem’s still copyright I had to go through all sorts of legal hoops and finally the answer was ‘No’

So I made up my own little ditty about the lovely stages of childhood and how children grow and discover the world.

So it begins with this picture of a lovely little boy whose bright eyes and happy smile says it all

Life is such fun,
Now I am one.


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