Isn’t travel fun!

November 23rd, 2010 by katielloyd

I’ve been busy photographing a new baby and doing family shoots.
I also travelled internally in the US on a recent visit.
The weather was not so good for travel by air. Philadelphia airport was suffering the tail end of a big storm, and was closed for a while.
My experience of US Air was therefore sitting on the tarmac at the departure airport waiting for Philly to accept incoming flights, while hoping I’d still make my internal connection.
Isn’t it stressful!
The transit bus from one terminal to the other was titled “US Air Express”. As it crept towards us at 1 mph, across the wind-swept tarmac while we waited, twitching with anxiety, at the transit gate it seemed to me that a tortoise could have moved faster and been better labelled Express!
Anyway the leaves were beautiful and the sitters worth photographing.

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