New school term

September 15th, 2011 by katielloyd

I can’t believe it’s September already and that the new school term has begun.
A couple of weeks ago I was making the regular annual visit to collect the adult education brochure from my library. It occurred to me that every year I get the brochure, study it carefully , put it on the kitchen table to book later and come across it months later when it’s far too late to book anything!
Sounds horribly slovenly doesn’t it.
Well there are so many excuses why I haven’t booked anything yet.
I’m a photographer I need to be available when people want to book me just in case someone like this comes along.

Other excuses are
“I’m already thinking about Christmas and working on a special offer for a family shoot with Christmas Cards”

“I’ve had some gorgeous weddings and it takes a lot of work to finalise the images so I can wow the bride and groom”

“I’ve been to lots of wedding fairs and need to follow up with the Brides I met there”
Oh, and that old favourite “The dog ate my homework”

Well this year it’s going to be different – call me in a month and see if I booked anything and if so what!

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