Newborn Babies

June 16th, 2012 by katielloyd

Taking pictures of newborn babies is a different type of skill.
Confidence in handling the baby (usually less than 2 weeks old) is very important.
Photographic skills are also different from the usual portraiture.
Patience is also absolutely critical. Waiting for the baby to be ready to sleep is a key part of the shoot!

This lovely boy was only 6 days old and very hungry for most of the afternoon, but eventually the ‘milk-magic’ happened and he obliged me with some lovely results

So many Mothers say to me “Oh how I wish I had arranged to have newborn pictures taken”
The moments of being so tiny are so transient and so easily forgotten. All too soon the new baby turns into a young man or woman and as a Mother you wonder how did that happen so fast!

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