Telling stories about your family

August 19th, 2010 by katielloyd

Yesterday I heard someone say that he remembered his grandmother telling stories about the family. The thing that made this so memorable for him was that she always used the family albums to point out the person she was talking about. What a great idea that is!

It struck a chord with me because nowadays so many images are only electronic and that just isn’t the same as being able to sit your child or grandchild on your knee and leaf through a book together – these are such precious moments.

Going through my own family shots I found a picture of my mother and her sisters when they were all quite young. Born between 1915 and 1919 this is quite an important bit of family history, and until recently I didn’t even know she had three sisters, although I did know she was a twin.

Surprise family

“Who do you think you are?” has been such a successful television programme it has reignited my interest in researching the family history even though it sometimes feels as though you’ve got stuck!

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