December 14th, 2016 by katielloyd

I’ve been working on developing a portfolio of newborn twin pictures. It’s a huge amount of fun and can be very challenging, depending on how old and how sleepy the twins are. So far I have had five lovely families volunteer their babies for a free photoshoot. Here are some of the images that resulted from the sessions we had. Sometimes it’s worth spending time on an individual baby if one is fretful and finding it hard to settle.
Luckily I am very patient with other people’s children and can usually get both twins settled, given enough time. But this is not a task to be hurried!

I hope you like them, the parents certainly did and all said they had enjoyed the experience.
So as I am still looking for volunteer twin babies under 5 weeks old please tell your friends, offer up your family and help me out to reach a new goal in my photographic journey.
Newborn twin feet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMother and newborn twinsnewborn twin girls in tutusMother and newborn twin boys
Newborn twin boys in a basket
newborn twin boys

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