Frozen Planet

December 8th, 2011 by katielloyd

whale divingI love watching David Attenborough’s programmes and last night’s episode of the Frozen Planet series, as usual, provided me with a new bit of information that seems so simple and yet is a surprise.
It never occurred to me that a dorsal fin is an impediment to winter in the arctic, but you can see looking at the dorsal fin of an orca (killer whale) how tall it is and this immediately makes sense.
By contrast the Sperm whale has a much less pronounced dorsal fin, and as I learned last night the Bowhead whale has no dorsal fin.
In New Zealand I saw both Orcas and Sperm whales and they are so impressive. Once again it is a privilege to see such massive, graceful creatures so close up.
I am not a specialist nature photographer and so the pictures are a bonus for me to look back on, even if they are not my usual subject matter.

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