It’s been a funny week!

June 28th, 2012 by katielloyd

Early one morning I glimpsed a flash of blue out of the kitchen window. To my great surprise when I looked again there was a peacock on the patio.
Of course I rushed upstairs to get my camera and came back down ready to capture his glory – well there was no sign of him anywhere.
Disappointed I put the camera down and opened the back door, to find him standing just outside.
Close up peacocks are a bit spooky so I closed the door quickly, not wanting to be too friendly!
So the next thing was to find a way to get a good shot of him with an unfussy background. It took a little while because he seemed intent on coming into the house, so for the next couple of hours we stalked each other. Eventually I got this shot.

Later on I heard that he had walked into the Bowls Club recently – right into the Clubhouse! I’m glad I kept him at bay!

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