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September 25th, 2011 by katielloyd

A beautiful thing about taking up a new career is the chance to continue learning new things every day.

Earlier this year I went to a seminar on Bridal Portraiture with Damian McGillicuddy the absolute guru of lighting for beautiful portraits.
I love his approach which is all about simplicity and clarity. No fuss, no hocus-pocus, just telling it like it is and keeping things simple.
The results are extremely worthwhile.

Since that session I’ve been thinking more about how we typically manage wedding photography and it strikes me as odd that we expect to get perfect images of the Bride on her wedding day when all is hectic, and although it’s exciting, it’s not necessarily the best time to focus on achieving top results.

A better idea could be to book ahead (like a Hair and Makeup tester session) and get the fabulous results that can be done when there is less time pressure.

It’s an extension of the idea of a Bridal Boudoir shoot or a Pre-wedding shoot for the couple.

Thanks to Damian and Nicola the gorgeous model, this image shows what can be done.

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