More about Bridal Boudoir Photography

August 21st, 2010 by katielloyd

More about Bridal Boudoir photography

A friend said to me the other day:-

“Why on earth would someone want to be photographed in her underwear?”
It is an intriguing question.

I showed a Bridal Boudoir album to a client this morning and she almost wept.

Her comment was
“I really wanted a boudoir shoot before my wedding to make a gorgeous album for my husband, but his (male) friend was doing the pictures for us so I couldn’t possibly have this done”

This underlines the importance of trust and a professional relationship with your wedding or boudoir photographer.

You really need someone who understands how to discuss this with you and how to fulfil exactly what you want, sensitively and considerately, without making you feel awkward in any way.
The results can be gorgeous and Brides would love to see their husband’s reaction.

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