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December 20th, 2010 by katielloyd

I’m often asked what is the purpose of a pre-wedding shoot?
The answer is that several things can be achieved. For some couples this will be the first time they have been photographed together professionally. If that happens on the wedding day it could add stress to the day, whereas having a half day session a few months before makes the day less worrying. The couple know what to expect and how to look good together. Worries about for example, the number of chins on show, or the wrinkles being smoothed out, can go away and they can enjoy the Wedding Day more as a result.
Another reason for the pre-wedding shoot is to generate a picture that can be used for invitations (if there’s time) or for a sign-in sheet, or book, which many couples like to have as a memory of who came on the day. Sometimes a Wedding Day is so busy the couple can’t find time to talk to everyone they want to see, so knowing that the most important people in their lives were there can be an important memento.
Finally the couple can develop confidence in the photographer and know that’s one thing they don’t need to panic about any more during the preparations and wedding planning.

Some brides like the idea of a Boudoir shoot in their gorgeous bridal lingerie. This can be made into a fabulous album to be presented to the Bridegroom on his wedding day. This is best of all if done in secret a few months ahead of time. The gorgeous albums make a fantastic surprise present.

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