The question to ask a Bride

August 23rd, 2010 by katielloyd

Most people’s first question about wedding photography is “what do you charge”, or “what packages do you offer?”
My challenge to them is that this is not the most important question –

Maybe this is the right thing to ask yourself

What will you actually have to remember your wedding day?
I know a wedding is a costly item and many people are struggling in the economic downturn, but…….
The main question for this expensive outlay is –

What will be left of the day when you get back from honeymoon?’
• Will the flowers still be fresh and look gorgeous?
• Will the menu still be on the table?
• Can you still have use of the wedding car?
• Are the Bridesmaids still around to help you at every turn?
• Are the ushers on hand to organise things for you?
If the answer to all or any of these is yes then you are either very lucky or very rich.

However what will last is the gorgeous wedding album I’ll make to tell the story of the day.

With your participation
1. Before the day at the pre-wedding shoot,
2. On the day itself and
3. Afterwards in selecting the images,
between us we can craft a wonderful memory of the most important day in your lives so far.

Now tell me what that is worth!
Remember that it’s incredibly important to meet your photographer in advance so you can be sure you trust them and they will deliver what you want.

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